Trekking & Mountain biking


Gardone Riviera’s hinterland and neighbour villages offer a wide range of trails for hikers of all levels. View the interactive map for routes or ask a guide at the reception.

>> To the old forge
“Medium difficulty”. A
two-hour walk through the Barbarano gorge to Morgnaga. Taking this walk
in reverse may be easier and less tiring, perhaps less spectacular.

>> Gardone of the “Belle Epoque”
“Easy”. A one-hour walk along the Gardesana road from Gardone Sotto to Fasano Sotto.

>> To San Michele
“Difficult”. A two-hour
walk from Gardone Sotto to San Michele. Altitude 500 m. Way back either
on foot or by public transport. For information: 0365-20347.

>> To the Pagoda
“Medium difficulty”. A
two-hour walk from Gardone Sotto to Morgnaga as far as the Pagoda and
back through Montecucco and Gardone Sopra. Altitude 350 m.

>> Through villages and into the hills
“Easy”. A two-hour walk from Morgnaga through Gardone Sopra to Fasano Sopra.


From the hotel you can explore different areas far away from the main road. Descriptions of the most beautiful routes are available at the hotel reception and on this map.

Lake Garda

Lake Garda, with its mild climate and Mediterranean vegetation, which smells of green olive trees and yellow lemons, with its gentle landscape of romantic and impressive scenarios, is the ideal place for a tailor-made holiday: for lovers of nature, outdoor sports enthusiasts, and for those who want to discover places rich in history and culture.

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