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Lake Garda, with its mild climate, the Mediterranean vegetation, which smells of green olive trees and yellow lemons, and the gentle landscape with a romantic and suggestive scenery, is the ideal place for a tailor-made holiday: from nature lovers to sports enthusiasts to those who want to discover places rich in history and culture.

Gardone Riviera

The town of Gardone Riviera with its 2700 inhabitants on the western shore of the lake is characterised above all by its lush vegetation.

The protection of the hill allows Gardone Riviera to enjoy a special microclimate, mild all year round and the mildest on the Brescia Riviera. This has allowed the Gardone area to transform itself into a true 'botanical garden' where the typical vegetation of Gardone alternates with Central European, Mediterranean and sub-tropical vegetation: citrus trees, cypresses and olive trees coexist extraordinarily well with the splendid palms, camphor trees, cedars and agaves protected in the numerous parks and gardens dating back to the end of the 19th century. It is not for nothing that Gardone is called 'Gardone Riviera'.

There have been three periods in particular that have characterised the history of Gardone, which has its origins in the mediaeval period with the hill towns.

1) Gardone as a tourist resort was born at the end of the 19th century, when German doctors extolled its therapeutic qualities. It was then that Luigi Wimmer, an illustrious personage of Austrian origin, spent a long period of time in Gardone, fell in love with it and decided to build the first large hotel on the Riviera. He became mayor of Gardone in 1881, and promoted its image throughout Europe: royalty, princes, and important personalities began to regularly visit Gardone, which soon became a tourist resort of the highest quality.